The instruments

instruments du samulnori
Kkwaenggwari (꽹과리) : A high-pitched metal gong about 20~23 cm (8~9 inch) wide. It is also used for court and shamanic music, military processions and Buddhist songs.

Janggu (장구) : An hourglass shaped wooden drum. Two membranes of either cow, horse or dog skin are stretched and cover each side of this instrument. The membrane tension is increased by tightening the thin cords fixed on the skin parts. A high-pitched sound is emitted by hitting with a thin bamboo stick the side of the drum which is covered with the thinnest piece of skin. For a lower-pitched sound, one should hit the thicker skin piece on the opposite side, with the hand palm or a stick made of bamboo root. The Janggu is also used in most traditional Korean musics including court, folk and shamanic music.

Buk (북) : A barrel drum made of Paulownia or pine tree. Its two membranes made of cow skin are held and stretched tight by a set of thin cords. It is usually hit with a stick and also known as an accompanying instrument in Pansori.

Jing (징) : A low-pitched metal gong about 35~42 cm (14~16.5 inch) wide. It is hit with a stick covered on both ends by a piece of fabric and cotton. This instrument is also used in shaman and court music.